Hardware Information

Emitter, High Performance, Exploded View

Emitter, Multi Pocket, Exploded View

Emitter, Single Pocket, Exploded View

QI072 Crystal Holder, Inficon Style

QI1000 Sensor Head, Positional

QI1200 Bakeable Sensor head

QI2000 Feedthrough Dual, 1” Bolt, 2 H20, 1 Air, 2 Microdot

QI2010 Feedthrough Single, 1” Bolt, 2 H2O, 1 Air, 1 Microdot

QI2042 Feedthrough Single, 1” Bolt, 2 H2O, 1 Microdot

QI2043 Feedthrough Single, 2 ¾” Flange, 2 H2O, 1 Microdot

QI2080 Feedthrough Dual, 2 ¾” Flange, 3 H2O, 2 Microdot

QI3000 Sensor Head Single, In Line

QI3500 Sensor Head Single, Round, Perpendicular

QI3600 Dual Sensor Head, Round Perpendicular, With Shutter

QI4000 Sensor Head Single, Right Angle

QI6000 Sensor Head Dual, with Shutter

QI6010 Sensor Head Actuator, Troubleshooting Guide

QI7000 Sensor Head Dual, Right Angle, with Shutter

QI7044 Coaxial Cable with Microdot Connector, 30.75”

QP4500 Sensorhead with Oscillator and Deep Water Pocket

Removing the Crystal from the Disc and Placing Crystal in Holder

Sensor Head to Feedthrough Connectors

Typical System