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Electron Beam Gun Parts

We supply replacement parts for Temescal, Telemark, Sloan, Satisloh, Thermionics, and Leybold electron beam guns. We also supply crucibles and covers, crucible liners and deposition materials for most electron beam guns. Our electron beam gun parts are in stock and our pricing is competitive. Please check our cross reference listings, call us at 617-227-1133 or email for quantity pricing.

Multi Pocket Emitter

Multi, Single, and High Performance Emitters and Parts

We have electron beam gun replacement parts for your Multiple and Single Pocket and High Performance Emitters from Temescal, Telemark, Thermionics, Satisloh, MeiVac, Sloan, and Leybold.  Check our cross reference information for all emitter assembly parts, including filaments, insulators, and all metal parts, and our electromagnetic coils for your ebeam guns. We can also rebuild your emitters.

Crucible Liners

Fil-Tech supplies 4cc, 7cc, 15cc, 25cc, 30cc, and 40cc crucible liners for Temescal and Telemark electron beam gun crucibles in Graphite, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Aluminum Oxide, Boron Nitride, Copper, Intermetallic, Tantalum, and Vitreous Carbon. We can also fabricate custom liners for your ebeam guns, made to your specifications. Please call and ask for Paula for pricing or cross reference information.


Crucibles and Covers

We supply OFHC crucibles and covers for Temescal and Telemark electron beam guns. Crucibles and covers for 4 or 6 pocket guns with 15cc and 25cc pockets.


Deposition Materials

Fil-Tech supplies high purity Silicon Dioxide specially designed for electron beam evaporation.