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Rate/Thickness Monitors


Fil-Tech is an authorized distributor for INFICON Rate/Thickness Monitors and Controllers for monitoring your thin film deposition.  Choose from the SQM-160 with 2 sensor inputs, STM-2XM 2 channel monitor, XTC/3 controller for single and multi layer processes, SQC-310 for sequential depositions and the CYGNUS 2 or IC6 with ModeLock frequency measurement.  Call for best pricing.

  • CYGNUS 2

    CYGNUS 2 Thin Film Deposition Controller

  • IC6

    IC6 Thin Film Deposition Controller

  • SQC-310

    SQC-310 Thin Film Deposition Monitor

  • SQM160-S2R

    Rate/Thickness Monitor, 2 Channels

  • STM-2XM

    STM-2XM 2 Channel Rate/Thickness Monitor

  • XTC/3S

    XTC/3S Thin Film Deposition Controller