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About Us

Our Mission

Fil-Tech, Inc. is recognized worldwide for quality products, sold at competitive prices with same day shipping.  We are a leading supplier of Quality Crystals and Hardware for thin film measurement in vacuum and liquid and a leading manufacturer of thin film related hardware and monitors.  Fil-Tech supplies the thin film, optical coating, ophthalmic and semiconductor industries with a range of competitively priced quality consumable items to keep our customers up and running.

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Our History

PaulBeckerFil-Tech is a family owned and operated business established in 1969, by Paul and Diana Becker.  After working for years as a salesman in the semiconductor industry, Paul started Fil-Tech after recognizing the need for stock delivery of quality aftermarketDMB consumables – at prices competitive to the original equipment manufacturers.  Paul began by stocking and selling competitively priced quality Leak Detector Filaments and Parts, Ionization Gauges and Controllers, and Thermocouple Gauges and Controllers to the semiconductor industry.  In the late 1970’s during a severe extended shortage of DC704 silicone fluid, Fil-Tech added FT704 to its product list and offered the market a competitively priced generic equivalent to the no longer available DC704. Soon after, Fil-Tech began the manufacture and sale of replacement parts for Electron Beam Guns  and Ion Sources the sale of Hydrocarbon Oils for mechanical and diffusion pumps and InstruTech Convection Gauges. Fil-Tech was now concentrating on consumables in the thin film deposition industries as well as the semiconductor industry.


In the late 1980’s, Paul and Diana’s daughter, Paula Becker, joined Fil-Tech.  At the same time, Fil-Tech became an authorized distributor for Du Pont/Chemours for their PFPE Krytox Oils and Greases. Fil-Tech also began distributing quartz crystal for a manufacturing startup company, Cold Springs R&D, Inc. In the years that followed, Fil-Tech became the principal customer of Cold Springs and in January, 2004, Paul, Diana and Paula purchased Cold Springs R&D from its founder.  Fil-Tech owned and operated Cold Springs manufacturing Quality Crystals in all styles of 6 MHz, 5MHz and 4.4 MHz, Liquid Plating Crystals and QCM-I Microbalances,  Sensor Heads and Feedthroughs, custom hardware and INFICON Rate/Thickness Monitors and Controllers.

In May, 2021, Fil-Tech began a partnership with INFICON.  Fil-Tech sold its Quality Crystals product line to INFICON who will continue to manufacture and supply the Fil-Tech Quality Crystals brand worldwide.  Fil-Tech became a Sales Representative for INFICON and Fil-Tech Quality Crystals and an Authorized Distributor of INFICON Rate Monitors and Controllers and INFICON vacuum gauges.


Paula Becker is the President and CEO of Fil-Tech.  Fil-Tech continues to concentrate on quality and savings from stock delivery for replacement parts. Our same day shipments keep you up and running.  Please call us for cross reference information, pricing or technical advice.  We will always personally answer your call, we are glad to help.

Paula L Becker