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Vacuum Fluids and Greases, Heaters, and Filters

We have fluids and greases for Mechanical and Diffusion pumps including the most popular Krytox PFPE’s, hydrocarbons, FT704 and FT705 silicones, and Santovac 5. We also supply Fil-Tech Fluid in 1cc syringes and filters for your mechanical pumps.  See our  listings below for mechanical pump filters, odor and mist eliminators and heaters for diffusion pumps.

FT704, FT702, FT705 and Reprocessing

We have FT704, FT702, and FT705 silicone fluids which are the functionally equivalents to the discontinued DC704 and Dow Corning fluids. Our silicone oils are drop in replacements to their DC counterparts and are offered at significant savings in 1 or 5 gallon sizes. See our FT704 and DC704 Specifications and our FT705 and DC705 Specifications. We can also reprocess your silicone fluids for you.

Krytox™ Oils and Greases and Reprocessing

Fil-Tech is an Authorized Distributor of Chemours Krytox PFPE Oils and Greases. We stock Krytox 1506, 1514, 1525, 143 and GPL oils.  We have a complete line of Krytox Greases including GPL, LVP, Electronic Grade, 283, and 240 series greases.  Fil-Tech can reprocess your Krytox oils and can supply free DOT containers for oil collection. Please call us for quantity pricing.


Hydrocarbon Oils

We supply FT10, FT19, FT20, FT21, FT30, FT70, FT77, FT87, FT97, and FTTW hydrocarbon oils for mechanical vacuum pumps in 1, 5, and 55 gallons sizes. Our oils are drop in replacements for the industry standard fluids from Alcatel, Edwards, Kinney, Leybold, Welch, Welch Duo Seal and Stokes for roots blowers, rotary piston, and mechanical vacuum pumps used in corrosive or non-corrosive applications. See our Related Resources for specifications and MSDS on all of our oils below. Call us if you have questions regarding cross reference oils for your application.


Fil-Tech Fluid

We have Fil-Tech Fluid to replace TorrLube in 1cc and 3cc syringe sizes at savings. Fil-Tech Fluid dramatically increases bearing life in vacuum and semiconductor process by reducing friction. Fil-Tech Fluid is chemically inert and has exceptional lubrication properties for sliding and rotating applications to 10-8 Torr with a wide temperature range of -20C to 260C.

Santovac 5

Santovac 5

Santovac 5 is available in 40cc to 500cc sizes at savings to you. Santovac 5 Polyphenyl Ether diffusion pump fluid will provide vacuums in the 10-10 Torr range with exceptionally low vapor pressure and low back streaming.


Filters, Mist & Odor Elements, and Dalton Heaters

Our mechanical pump filters come in activated alumina, activated carbon, pleated paper, fuller’s earth, hydrophilic, and combined media available in all sizes.  See our Mist and Odor Elements for Edwards Oil Mist Filters.  We offer Dalton heaters for your diffusion pumps.