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Oscillators, Cables, and Sensor Head Parts

Coaxial cables, cables, remote oscillators, ceramic retainers, and sensor head springs.

  • 180-010

    Remote Analog Oscillator

  • 180-011

    6″ BNC Cable M/F

  • 180-012

    10′ BNC Cable M/M

  • QI0171

    Finger Spring Contact, Inficon Style Sensor Head

  • QI0172

    Crystal Holder, Inficon Style

  • QI3010

    Crystal Holder, No Ceramic Retainer Required

  • QI7023

    Ceramic Retainer for Sensor Head

  • QI7023LF

    Leaf Spring for Ceramic Retainer

  • QI7044

    Cable, Microdot 30.75″

  • QI7044X

    Cable, Microdot, Specify Length

  • QP16016

    Coaxial Cable, Uncoated 8″, Microdot Connectors, Phelps Style

  • QP16018

    Coaxial Cable, Uncoated 36″, Microdot Connectors, Phelps Style

  • QP16020

    Coaxial Cable, Uncoated 48″, Microdot Connectors, Phelps Style