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LD7 Ion Source

Ion Source, Iridium, Agilent/Varian Style, Repair Exchange

Fil-Tech offers a repair exchange program for your used Agilent/Varian 82850302 leak detector iridium filaments. Just send us your used filament assembly and we will send you a rebuilt one at a savings. We guarantee the repair will perform identically to a new 82850301.


Fil-Tech Part Number

Ion Source, Iridium, Agilent/Varian Style, Repair Exchange


Fil-Tech Also Sells

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    Ionization Gauge Tubes

    Glass enveloped gauges with single iridium or twin tungsten filaments in 1″, 3/4″, and .709″ Pyrex or Kovar with optional flanges.

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    Thermocouple Gauges, Digital Controllers

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  • FT704, FT702, FT705 and Reprocessing

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    Santovac 5

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