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Emitter Parts for, Temescal & Telemark, Multi and Single Pocket Emitters

Filaments, insulators and all metal parts for the Temescal and Telemark multiple and single pocket emitter assemblies.

  • EB6721

    Insulator, Locating, Multiple Pocket

  • EB6871

    Filament, Temescal, Satisloh, Thermionics Style, Super Source, 7 1/2 Turns, 5/box

  • EB6871-1

    Filament Kit, 7 1/2 Turn Filaments, Temescal, Satisloh and Thermionics Style, 5/Box, With Filament Gauge

  • EB6923

    Electromagnetic Coil

  • EB8210

    Spare Parts Kit, Multiple Pocket 1CK, 2CK

  • EB8251

    Insulator “L” Shaped, Cathode Block, Multiple Pocket

  • EB8781

    Insulator, High Voltage, Multiple Pocket, 10/box

  • EB9351

    Filament, Temescal Style, 7 1/2 Turns, Multiple Pocket

  • EB9362

    Cathode Block, Left, Single And Multiple Pocket

  • EB9372

    Cathode Block, Right, Single And Multiple Pocket

  • EB9382

    Filament Clamp, Single And Multiple Pocket

  • EB9392

    Beam Former, Tantalum, Multiple Pocket

  • EB9402

    Anode, Single Pocket

  • EB9412

    Mounting Bar, Single Pocket