Vacuum Measurement Gauges

We supply a wide variety of the most common vacuum pressure gauges used today. All of our vacuum measurement gauges are identical to or functionally equivalent to the competitive tubes listed. Gauges are stock items and we offer competitive pricing. Contact us at 800-743-1743 or email for cross reference questions and quantity pricing.

convection guage

Convection Gauges and Modules

We supply convection gauges that are drop in replacements for MKS, Axcelis, Applied, and other OEM gauges in a variety of fittings including 1/8” NPT, NW16KF, NW25KF, and others. Our convection gauges are plug compatible and drop in replacements with guaranteed identical performance to the OEM products. Visit us for standard, mini and other convection modules.

ionization gauge tube

Ionization Gauge Tubes

We have a variety of Bayard-Alpert, Broad Range, and Triode style glass enveloped ionization gauges that are identical to the AMAT, Axcelis, Novellus, Agilent, and MKS gauges. Our ionization gauges are available in single iridium or twin tungsten filaments and in 1”, ¾”, and .709” Pyrex glass or Kovar tubulation with optional flanges for Kovar tabulated gauges or with conductive platinum coating. See our cross reference and pricing information.


Nude Ionization Gauge Tubes and Filaments & Rebuilds

We offer a wide range of nude gauges in UHV nude and Bayard-Alpert nude styles that will replace gauges from Agilent, MKS, Axcelis and others. We also supply nude flanged gauges with protected pins. Replacement filaments for all nude gauges are also available and we can rebuild your nude gauges. Call for pricing and cross reference information.


Thermocouple Gauge Tubes and Controllers

We have numerous styles of thermocouple gauges available that are drop in replacements for the Hastings, Agilent, Axcelis, AMAT, Novellus, MKS and other OEM gauges. Our thermocouple replacement gauges are available in the standard 1/8” NPT, or with VCR, KF16 or KF25 fittings. Fil-Tech also supplies analog thermocouple controllers for our TC531 and TC6M gauges.