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Rate/Thickness Monitors and Sputter Gun Switch


We offer 4 Rate/Thickness Monitors for monitoring your thin film deposition.  Choose from the SQM-160 with 2 sensor inputs, the SQM-220 with 6 channels, the QPM-60 with 2 channels and including the oscillator and cables, or the SQM-200 with 8 channels.

Are you sputtering? See our NEW SGS101 Sputter Gun Switch which allows you to operate multiple sputter guns from one power supply with our SGS101.

  • QPM60

    Rate/Thickness Monitor, 2 Channels includes Oscillator and Cables

  • SGS101

    Sputter Gun Switch / Magnetron Power Supply Switch

  • Fil-Tech Rate Monitor and Single Sensor Head


    Rate/Thickness Monitor, 8 Channels

  • SQM-220

    Rate/Thickness Monitor, 6 Channels includes Oscillator and Cables

  • SQM160-S2R

    Rate/Thickness Monitor, 2 Channels