Triodes, .709″, .509″, 15mm, 18mm and Others


Choose from Triodes, .709″, .509″, .15mm or 18mm gauges that have glass or kovar arms with twin tungsten or iridium coated filaments.  See Ionization Gauge Operating Details.

  • G507

    18mm Pyrex, Tungsten Filament, Triode

  • G50K

    1/2″ Kovar, Iridium Filament

  • G50P

    1/2″ Pyrex, Iridium Filament

  • G50PT

    1/2″ Pyrex, Twin Tungsten Filaments

  • G538

    18mm Pyrex, Iridium Filament, Triode

  • G59P

    15mm Pyrex, Iridium Filament, Anelva Style

  • G59PT

    15mm Pyrex, Twin Tungsten Filaments, Anelva Style, Ion Implantation

  • G71PT

    .709″ Pyrex, Twin Tungsten Filaments, MRC Style, Sputtering

  • GB18T

    18mm Pyrex, Twin Tungsten Filaments, Bayard Alpert, Ulvac Style

  • GT18IR

    18mm Pyrex, Iridium Filament, Triode, Ulvac Style

  • GT18T

    18mm Pyrex, Tungsten Filament, Triode, Ulvac Style