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Quality Crystals, Hardware and Monitors

Fil-Tech is a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of Quality Crystals for thin film monitors and controllers. Our crystals are manufactured in the USA and we are renowned for our quality, reliability and competitive pricing. We manufacture our sensor head and feedthrough hardware and supply monitors and controllers for your thin film coating requirements. Call us for Quantity and competitive pricing at 800-743-1743 or 617-227-1133, or email Paula at


Quality Crystals 6MHz, 5MHz and 4.4MHz

Quality Crystals® from Fil-Tech, QI8010 and QI8008!  Fil-Tech manufactures 6MHz, 5MHz and 4.4MHz piezo sensor crystals coated in Gold, Silver, Stress Relieving Alloy®, Longer Life Gold®, and Advanced Adhesion Alloy®. Fil-Tech offers replacement crystals comparable with Inficon/Maxtek, Satisloh, Balzers, Umicore, Ulvac, Sloan, Intellemetrics, Phelps and Veeco crystals.   Learn more about our Quality Crystals from our 15 Technical Bulletins in our Tech Library above.

Extreme Temperature Crystals

Fil-Tech introduces is NEW 6MHz Extreme Temperature Crystals that are stable in the 200C range.  Our Extreme Temp crystal can operate in the 200C range with fewer rate spikes that are often cause by high temperature processes.  Our Extreme Temperature Crystals can be used in place of our standard AT-cut crystals with standard film monitors and controllers and are available in Gold, Silver, and Stress Relieving Alloy coatings.


Liquid Plating Crystals

We manufacture liquid plating crystals comparable with Stanford Research Systems, Inficon and Q-Sense liquid plating crystals in gold, platinum, copper, titanium, silicone dioxide and other materials. We can also custom coat to your requirements.

dual sensor head with shutter

Sensor Heads, Feedthroughs, Sputter Heads, Magnetron Source, Cables, Oscillators and Parts

Fil-Tech manufactures single and dual sensor heads with or without shutter, Quartz Crystal 6 Changer, single and dual feedthroughs on 1” bolt or 2 ¾” flange, sputter heads, magnetron sputter sources, oscillators, cables and their parts. We can manufacture custom hardware and assemblies to your specifications.

Fil-Tech Rate Monitor and Single Sensor Head

Rate/Thickness Monitors, QC Microbalance & Sputter Gun Switch

Fil-Tech supplies rate thickness crystal monitors and thin film deposition controllers for your Typical System.   See our NEW QPM60, SQM220, SQM160, and SQM200 below.  Fil-Tech’s QCM1000 Quality Crystal Microbalance which measures resonant frequency and impedance of a 5MHz crystal in gas or liquid environments.

Are you sputtering? See our NEW SGS101 Sputter Gun Switch which allows you to operate multiple sputter guns from one power supply with our SGS101.