Crystal Sensor Heads, Feedthroughs, Sputter Heads, Magnetron Source, Cables, Oscillators and Parts

Fil-Tech manufactures single and dual sensor heads with or without shutter, single and dual feedthroughs on 1” bolt or 2 ¾” flange, sputter heads, magnetron sputter sources, oscillators, cables and their parts. We can manufacture custom hardware and assemblies to your specifications.

Crystal Sensor Heads Single and Dual

Single and dual sensor heads in stainless or copper, inline or right angle, and with shutter and internal oscillator optional.

Crystals Sputter Heads With Internal Oscillator

Round sputter sensor heads in stainless steel or copper and with optional internal oscillator.

Feedthroughs Single and Dual

Single and dual feedthroughs on 1″ bots, 2 3/4″ flanges, adjustable fittings, and custom hardware.

Positional Sensor Head Assemblies

Adjustable sensor head and feedthrough assemblies and custom hardware.

Sensor Head Parts, Oscillators, and Cables

Coaxial cables, cables, remote oscillators, ceramic retainers, and sensor head springs.

Sputter Source Magnetron

2″ Magnetron sputter source with large water cooling pocket.