Leak Detector Parts

We supply a variety of the most common helium leak detector filaments used today. All Fil-Tech filaments are identical to or functionally equivalent to the competitive filaments listed. Our leak detector filaments and Santovac 5 are stock items and Fil-Tech offers you savings with competitive pricing. Contact us at 800-743-1743 or email paula@filtech.com for quantity pricing.

LD7 Ion Source

Agilent Filaments

Fil-Tech offers filaments for Agilent/Varian style leak detectors. You can choose between iridium or tungsten filaments or have your existing filaments rebuilt at a cost savings.


Calibrated Helium Leaks and Recalibration

We supply new calibrated helium leaks in the 10-7 and 10-8 range. All leaks are NIST certified and come complete with NIST traceable certification. Call us for special ranges and recalibration services for your existing calibrated leak.


DuPont/CEC Filaments

Fil-Tech offers filaments for CEC style leak detectors.  Our LD3 filaments will operate identically to the OEM’s at a savings to you.


Pfeiffer/Alcatel Filaments and Collectors

We supply drop in replacements for the Pfeiffer/Alcatel filaments and collectors. Our filaments are welded into the slotted post for greater reliability and longer life. We also supply Pfeiffer/Alcatel style single and double collectors. Save over 20%.


Veeco Filaments

We supply replacements filaments for Veeco leak detectors. Fil-Tech’s LD5. filaments will operate identically to the OEM’s at a savings to you.